Providing Humanity access to Security
through Open Hardware

About Core Semiconductor

Core Semiconductor's mission is to provide humanity access to an open hardware platform, backed by the security of the QTUM blockchain, allowing anyone to build trused devices. As open source enthusiasts, we are bringing the open source movement from the software industry and applying it to the hardware industry. We believe that everyone should have access to devices that are provably secure, and to the technology to build any device they can immagine. Our goal is to build a community and trusted computing platform to power the Internet of Things (IoT) across a broad range of industries, with builtin security gurantees and token economy.

Our Key Design Principles Are:

Open Source and Open Hardware

End-to-end development and validation platform & IoT network that are fully open sourced

Secure and Auditable

Embed transparency to enable security for even the most sensitive applications


Move towards a decentralized, trustless, IoT network with no central point of control


To build trust and security into every IoT application, we have developed an open platform from the ground up. Our open source hardware platform provides access including the necessary tools to develop IoT applications. We are also laying the foundation of an open, distributed network to enable IoT applications and reduce single points of failure prevalent in existing systems.

Our Hardware Platform

Core Semiconductor makes IP Cores and ASICs to enable the next generation of devices. We have developed J-Core, an Open Architecture CPU core that is the foundation of Core Semiconductor’s SoC (System on Chip) platform. We have made J-Core open, auditable and free to use so everyone can use our designs and toolkits and use them to incorporate into your own designs.

Tokenization of Things

For IoT applications, devices require connections to platforms and other devices. Core Semiconductor is building an open network to tokenize IoT interactions and enable creators (such as device manufacturers) to create their own sub-networks and ecosystems. Our open IoT network provides the foundation for trustless communication between IoT devices that are created both on our open source hardware platform and others.


We have assembled a world-class team of pioneers in the semiconductor and blockchain space.


Jeff Dionne

Jeff Dionne / CEO

Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik / Visionary

Jen McCann

Jen McCann / Engineering

Andrew Springthorpe

Andrew Springthorpe / CFO

Tom Maciaszek

Tom Maciaszek / COO

Daniel Ratiu

Daniel Ratiu / VP Sales



Our Lightpaper outlines our solution. Our Whitepaper provides the background and research around the technology. Feedback is always welcome.


Lightpaper: v0.9 Whitepaper: v1.0

Our FAQs:

Key Applications Why Blockchain Security Compared

3 Minimum Requirements Inherent Security



Core Semiconductor is still in stealth mode. Please contact us directly for further information and enquiries, or if you think you might make a good member of the Core Semiconductor team.